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Science and Education for Heavy Elements and the Environment

The Glenn T. Seaborg Center (GTSC), founded in the spring of 1999, is dedicated to Glenn T. Seaborg in memory of his legacy in research, teaching, and service to the country. 

The Glenn T. Seaborg Center has a mission of scientific research and education.  The scientific goal is to understand fundamental heavy element chemical interactions in complex systems at a molecular level.  The GTSC seeks knowledge on the important system-controlling processes and materials related to fundamental actinide science, actinides and the environment, and to nuclear chemistry and materials.  Equally important is the GTSC mission of educating and training of the current and the next generation of scientists with proficiency in actinide chemistry.  The GTSC's dual mission supports the U.S. Department of Energy's critical role as the provider of fundamental science and trained personnel to meet national needs in environmental restoration and stockpile stewardship, now and into the future.

Seaborgium - Element 106
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