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Berkeley Actinide Post- and Pre-doctoral Fellows

The Glenn T. Seaborg Center (GTSC) at the Berkeley Laboratory offers highly competitive graduate and postdoctoral research opportunities in the fields of actinide chemistry and physics on a yearly basis.

Postdoctoral Candidates: Working in conjunction with Glenn T. Seaborg Center (GTSC) Principal Investigators (PIs), the fellow will perform cutting-edge research in any of the projects within the GTSC. These range from synthetic chemistry of the actinides to spectroscopy and solid state physics. The fellow will have the full resources of the GTSC at their disposal as well as access to the unique facilities of LBNL (e.g., access to soft and hard x-ray sources to perform experiments such as XES, PES, RIXS, XAFS, XANES; complete synthetic and solution chemistry facilities; and the laboratory-based techniques of calorimetry, magnetometry, mass spectrometry, and XRD). This is a unique opportunity to work in close collaboration with leading scientists in the actinide science field, perform actinide research in a special environment, and to utilize the resources of multiple DOE national user facilities.
Applicants should have been awarded a Ph.D. (within last 2 years) in chemistry, physical sciences, or related field and must have the ability to conduct creative and independent research. They must demonstrate the ability to work in a team environment and interact effectively in a interdisciplinary environment with a wide range of scientists.
The 2011 application cycle is now closed.

Past Berkeley Actinide Postdoctoral Fellows (formerly known as Glenn T. Seaborg Center Fellows) include Anne E. V. Gordon (2003-2005, currently Assoc. Prof. at Auburn University), Ingrid Castro-Rodriguez (2005-2007), Roy Copping (2006-2009), Travis Bray (2008-2010), Stefan G. Minasian (2011-present) and Oanh Lam (2011-present).

Graduate Students: Candidates interested in the Berkeley Actinide Predoctoral Fellowships can submit an application at any time during the year. For more information, contact Prof. John Arnold.

Other Current Openings

A new postdoc posting to perform gas-phase chemistry in the GTSC is listed here. The anticipated start date is early 2012.

(Last updated: September 1, 2011, Corwin Booth)

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